Being Accountable

We let you be who you want to be.

Imagine what you could do and who you could be if you didn’t have to worry about your bookkeeping and compliance obligations.

You can choose to Be.

Be less stressed. Be healthy. Be a part of your family again. Be a friend. Be someone who will be there. Be part of the community and be someone who gives back. Be smart enough to understand a bookkeeper’s worth. And be savvy enough to choose Being Accountable Bookkeeping Service.


Handing over your bookkeeping and compliance to us could be the best thing you ever do. Here’s how we can help.
From full scope to review to providing certainty…we can be as hands-on as you want.
Because we’re registered BAS Agents, we’re savvy with all ATO compliance issues, so you don’t have to be.
Let us be your paymasters by setting up your payroll and sending out payslips to meet your legal obligations.
Software Conversion
We’ll convert your current software over to Xero. Easy as ABC.
We can help you understand your figures, improve your cashflow and planning, and be closer to your business.
We’re no B-graders when it comes to training in best practice for Xero and software add-ons.

Trust Being Accountable to be your bookkeeping partner

Trusting the financial details of your business with anyone is a big step. Make sure you get the best out of your business by hiring Being Accountable to help you along your journey.

Case Study

We helped a property maintenance group streamline their workflow


Our client, a property maintenance group, was struggling with quotes and the management of their teams. There just seemed to be lots of hassles with shared paperwork and double handling that was making their workflow inefficient.


They were already using Xero, so we introduced them to a series of App add-ons that integrate seamlessly with the software. Firstly, we used Dext to automate getting the paperwork into Xero. We then got them on to Tradify which had an immediate effect. Each team leader got an iPad with Tradify which had their jobs and JSA forms loaded, they could take before and after photos, and log any safety issues. The workflow created now made things so much easier.

R/E Agent enquiry Tenant meeting Quote R/E Agent Approval Job set-up Team assigned/scheduled Costs against job Invoiced Sent to R/E Agent and Xero

We suggested using a virtual admin to book tenant times and Payrix to help improve cashflow and provide landlords with payment options.


Automation has made a huge difference. The business owner now has more time, cashflow has improved, the business has grown, and maintenance issues are now streamlined and handled much more efficiently.


How Being Accountable can be there for

Business Owners

How Being Accountable can be there for

Business Owners

How Being Accountable can be there for


How Being Accountable can be there for


They couldn’t be happier

"Jo is an exceptional bookkeeper who goes above and beyond for her clients. Jo and her team have looked after my bookkeeping and BAS for many years and I’ve found her to be nothing but professional. She is constantly learning, keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and software, and stays in regular contact. Perhaps that’s why she has been SA Bookkeeper of the Year and a National finalist on a couple of occasions. Highly recommended!!"

Steve Williss


"Jo and her team at Being Accountable are incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of bookkeeping. No issue too big or small, the Being Accountable team have the ability to handle every question I ask. Highly recommend."

David Pernini

Bellevue Building Concepts

"The Vault Electrical & Security Group has worked with many bookkeeping services over the years. We finally found “Being Accountable” who really took the time to sit down and work with us to understand the specifics of our business and what we needed. Really helpful! I would highly recommend Jo the team at Being Accountable. "

Lachlan Menzies

The Vault Electrical & Security