About Us

Being Accountable is owned and operated by Joanne Williss. Jo commenced trade in 1998 but has worked as a Bookkeeper for more than 28 years.

Being Accountable is able to provide you with all the solutions to your financial needs.We offer a complete range of book keeping services for small to middle sized companies.

By choosing to work with us, we can help you to manage key non-core functions more effectively.  As a result, this will then enable you to concentrate more of your efforts into maximising your business as a whole. This is essential if you want to see your business grow.  Why not give our services a try to learn why we are proving to be a more popular choice.

As you already know today’s business environment is presenting you with a new set of risks and challenges each day.  Since the introduction of the web, many companies are now realising that they have to conduct business differently. A great many are choosing to now out source their non core tasks.

For businesses that want to remain competitive in such a fast moving environment, they need to partner with companies that can deliver and help to make them more efficient. This in turn will help the business to become more profitable.

Here at Being Accountable, we offer professional bookkeeping services

We fully understand that bookkeeping and the paperwork involved when running your own business isn’t only stressful, but can prove somewhat of a distraction. Our job is take over these tasks for you, allowing you to then to focus on what you do best.  You’ll find it much easier to then to meet the needs of your customers and grow a more successful business.

From the outset we are committed to performing each task you entrust to us with professional skill, integrity and accuracy.

We also know that time is money!  Here at Being Accountable, we are able to offer rates that are affordable whilst still offering a personalized service to you. 

Our goal here is to make the whole process of keeping your books in check as easy as possible for you.

Jo and her team have supplied bookkeeping services for a diverse range of industries and clients including:

  • Pharmacies
  • Retail
  • Advertising
  • Building and construction
  • Government sector
  • Hairdressing
  • Interior Design
  • Digital Arts
  • Wholesale agents
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel
  • Fitness/Health
  • Trade
  • Consultants